Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Spells! Shmells! ARRGH!

Bethany's arms flailed wildly and she shrieked in panic. The upstairs room of the Voodoo Shop was filled with black smoke that smelled awful, like burning plastic and sulfur. Coughing hard, she ran for the door to the balcony and sucked in deep breaths of air, only to choke again from the toxic fumes that drifted from the green waters beyond the beach. She really did need to invest in a gas mask one of these days, and she wondered if they came in pink.

She went back inside and groaned with despair at the charred heap in front of her. Her magick skills were just as pathetic as her combat skills! If anything, thank goodness the rug didn't catch fire. Arc would have had her head. She knelt down beside the catastrophe and wrinkled her nose, frowning in confusion. She picked out her spellbook from the mess with her forefinger and thumb. Surprisingly, it was still intact, only the edges were burnt. She tossed it to the side before she began to poke at the ashes for any evidence of success.

Her sisters had made magick look so easy! What a crock! She sat back on her bottom and sighed heavily, disheartened. She reached for her singed spellbook, tugged the pencil from its spine, and flipped to the page 'Easy Spells for the Beginner Mage' and promptly put a large X through the title.

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