Monday, June 2, 2008

Diary - Family

::lying on the rug in the backroom of the Voodoo Shop, in her usual spot::
::humming Beethoven's 9th symphony::

Dear Diary,

I've never had a sister before. Now I have 3, or is it 4, 5? ::number is scratched out a few times:: They keep popping up! Don't get me wrong though, I do love them all! They each have their own magickal qualities. Maybe one day they'll teach me some of their little tricks! But in the meantime and in between time, if only they just stopped sitting in my favourite spot on the rug, I'd be a very happy girl! So, I'm a little possessive of my spot, you'd be too if that's where you hid your secret stuff. Thank God, they don't know about it!

Arcann is definitely papa! He calls us his daughters. It's actually rather nice. It makes me feel safe. Although his temper can be quite, what's the word... Stormy. I know now why he was known as Stormbringer. When his temper flares, omigod, beware! Maybe he's just overprotective of us. I don't know. But, to be honest, I kinda like it. Scares off the undesirables rather handily, really. Though sadly, he's managed to deter a few desirable suitors. Gonna have to sneak around him in future if ever I'm going to meet someone! He's definitely our dad.

Regg is with us too. I'm glad he's here, even if he doesn't come by the shop much. He hangs at the Haven alot. At least I know where to find him. I've missed him so much...I wonder if he misses me.

But, no matter how horrible my day had been (usually because of Blue), or how much blood was spilled, or how many innocent and not-so innocent lives were slain. I know I have a family to come home to.

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