Sunday, June 1, 2008

Changing of the Guard

He was known as Stormbringer.

The still air literally crackled around his tall, lithe yet muscular, frame. Arcann Dyrssen, elven mage, stood with a dominating presence in the centre of the backroom of the Voodoo Shop. His sharp, elongated ears twitched subtly, detecting any sounds that disturbed the winds. A wisdom of over three hundred years shone from the depths of his azure eyes which rested on the gathering of the apprentices of The Coven.

He carefully folded the heavy papyrus and brought his arms behind his back, gripping the letter from his old friend tightly with his gloved hands. His lips were set firmly and he slowly released a long breath. The elven mage's aura seemed to glow and encompass the room with pure energy.

The Coven apprentices were silent as they waited for him to speak. He did not need to say a word. They already knew.

The young apprentices nodded to their new leader.

Their Satori.

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