Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pole Dancing

“NO!” Jortek’s voice was stern as he shook his head in disapproval, so unlike the melodic voices of angels in a choir. He must not have been in the choir, Bethany thought sadly to herself.

Bethany winced and dropped her blades to the ground. Her arms ached from thrashing her swords uselessly in the air, missing her target completely. “I can’t! It’s too hard!” she complained, panting breathlessly. Her hair was damp from exertion and matted against her head, salty sweat droplets dripped from her nose.

“Focus on an object, a lamp post, a pole. Use it as your target.” He paced around her, his angel eyes locked on her, giving her no escape. “Practice!”

She sighed heavily and lifted the magical twin blades, holding them ready as he had instructed. She looked over to her teacher, a proud, Righteous angel she had met when she first came to the city. They had become fast friends. He was always ready to advise her in the finer points of combat and defense even though she insisted her aptitude towards that area was pitifully lacking. Her combat lessons were proving this fact very clearly!

She tried again, focusing on her target, this time a sturdy light pole. It was stationary and solid. Shouldn’t be too difficult to miss Jortek had reassured her. She took a deep breath, blinked her wet lashes dry, and dived towards it with a swan’s grace that she was rather impressed with.

Then suddenly, Bethany came to an abrupt halt as her body, head-first, banged into the unforgiving metal standard. Her head swam, and she stared at the pole dumbfounded and dazed. She rubbed her bruised forehead gingerly with the back of her hand and all she could hear ringing in her ears were angel voices singing, “Practice!”

Friday, May 30, 2008


The vague light of dawn trickled through the grimy windows of the Voodoo Shop’s backroom. Bethany sighed despondently as she stretched and rubbed her weary eyes. Her dreams were scant but last night they were wrought with bloodlust demons. Some nights she wished she had her medication so she could slip under into a peaceful quiet. Now, she only rested, sleep would not come anymore.

She prepared herself for another day, performed the morning rituals of hygiene. She ran her fingers several times through her long chestnut hair and it fell in waves down her back. She smoothed out the wrinkles in her skirt and shirt, pulled on her knit cardigan, frowning a bit as she flicked off a stray wolf’s hair. She paused for a moment at her reflection, sea green eyes shone back mockingly. Who cared how she looked anyways? Today, she was going to get some accessories.

She walked in the streets for some time before she came upon the church and spotted the angel she was searching for. The variant creatures in the city no longer fazed her, having seen them in her nightmares and up close and personal.

The angel’s wings were wide and proud and they seemed to embrace her as she came nearer to him. She saw his pure white aura beaming from his soul, it made her feel safe in a city that taunted death at every turn. She smiled up at Jortek and he greeted her warmly. She told him she was going to learn to defend herself. He nodded approvingly and guided her to the weapons store.

He ran through the merits of each weapon in detail and all the information sadly sieved through her brain, leaving her staring at the product displays in confusion. She timidly weighed each blade, each staff in her small hands, testing its mettle, but she was more interested in how intricately crafted they were. She finally decided upon a set of beautiful twin blades. Their hilts were carved of rich ebony and the black blades were forged from a mystical ore that glistened like oil, apparently giving them a distinct advantage in damage when a target was struck. And Bethany needed all the advantage she could get!

She strapped the blades across her shoulders, grinning as they matched her outfit rather nicely. She strutted out of the weapons store with a newfound confidence and hoped the sight of these dangerous accessories would be enough of a deterrent to predators.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shop Keeper

The dense curtain of fog had parted quickly with shuffling feet and bowed low with respect to the imposing figure that swept through it. She had known it was him by the way he carried himself. Confident and commanding. Powerful and intimidating. Dark and mysterious. The Satori of The Coven. Tony Bouchard.

It had been many moons since that encounter, but she had not forgotten the words he had spoken to her.

"It is how you use what you see..."
"...figure out what you want to do with it first...then worry about it..."
"Think about what I said...really think about it."
"...Then come find me again.”

Bethany tapped on the wall to the back room of the Voodoo Shop, she parted the beaded glass curtain and peered inside. The room was empty. She walked to his desk and placed her letter upon it, in hopes he would return soon to read it.

::the penmanship is graceful and elegant in the cursive script::

Dear Mr. Bouchard,

I have wanted to write to you in some time now, but didn't have the courage to pick up my pen. As it is, I will now convey what I have held within for so long.

I wish to thank you for giving me shelter in your shoppe when I was lost and alone. Your generous kindness meant more to me than you could possibly know.

Since our last conversation, I have had the opportunity to think on all that you had said to me. Your words forced me to confront myself, to accept what I am, who I am. I am still discovering and learning about this gift, or perhaps I still wonder, this curse that is a part of me.

As I wander, I see the true faces of hell's darkest creatures. There are some I see with the horrid blood red glow upon them and they will bleed rivers in battle. I have tried to warn some of their fate, but only to be scoffed at. Unfortunate deaths became them. So, this is what it is.

Perhaps, my gift will be of use to you some day, sir, as I am hoping it will.

With earnest sincerity, may I be so bold as to ask for sanctuary within The Coven, sir? It is the only place that has calmed my soul in this dark city.



::the faintest scent of apple blossoms linger::

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shop Steps

It was cold that night and the sky was darker than usual. It weighed heavy on her shoulders. Bethany crouched on the steps of the Voodoo Shop, hugging her knees tightly, her eyes darted nervously around her. Every sudden noise, every sudden movement made her jump out of her skin. Although she had been completely healed of the physical wounds she suffered at Blueray’s hand, mentally she was a wreck. Night terrors blurred into day terrors. The haunting visions became her constant companions.

“Hello.” A rough male voice disturbed the burdening silence of the night. It startled Bethany and she felt her blood drain from her head, making her dizzy. “Is there anything I can help you with?” he eyed her suspiciously, standing with his arms crossed in expectation.
She rose with shaking legs and nodded, “Yes, I...I need to talk to the man…” She gestured over her shoulder to the entrance of the shop, “who, umm, works here.”

The man shifted slightly, he was of average height and build, though his presence was daunting. He tilted his head questioningly, his dark eyes never leaving her. “Do you remember his name?”
Bethany shook her head, her mouth was dry, she tried to swallow. "No, he didn't tell me his name. He looked very powerful though…and he was studying at the desk."
The man grunted as though he knew to whom she was enquiring about, “What is your message? I will get it to him. He is not in town now.”

Disappointment etched her face, "Yes, if you could please. If you could tell him Bethany is wanting to talk to him."
The man nodded briefly, “I will leave him the message that you were looking for him.” He began to walk up the steps to the shop.

Bethany winced abruptly and started to feel a pulsating pain in her head, the unnerving premonition of another vision. She pressed her palms to her temples and leaned against the stoop, weakened by the pain.
The man stopped and turned back to her. “You seem to be in pain.” His voice became soft with concern. “May I lay my hand on you? I am a healer.”

Bethany head lifted and she tried to focus on the man. "It's been getting worse. I don't know what to do." She leaned back away from him, suddenly afraid. Her mind began to swirl with howling shadows of hell.
“I am not going to hurt you.” He said soothingly, “Why are you afraid of me?”
Her eyes turned glassy and she stared at him in a trance. Her body was still and she seemed to look right into his soul. She didn’t speak. The man moved closer raising his hand towards her head. She remained motionless as he approached her. Her eyes brimmed with tears, as though she was fighting to free herself from this catatonic state.

He placed a hand gently on either side of her head and looked deeply into her sea green eyes. “Relax. Let me help you.”
Bethany inhaled sharply and blinked several times, the tears fell down her cheeks. She relaxed at his touch and her body slackened. He moved his hand to support her sagging body. She returned to consciousness, she was quivering. She turned her head and looked intently into his face. "I saw you."
The man brushed the tears from her cheek, “What is that Bethany?”

"Your soul was glowing." she whispered, her voice cracked with distress and her eyes darkened in fear. The vision she saw was the aura of his soul, it glowed crimson with blood. Her voice trembled with anxiety, "I need to see him...soon."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Shop Lights

It was the dimmest light, barely discernable in the shadow of the dead street on the south side of Toxia. Bethany was inexplicably drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. As she came closer, a small shop appeared out of the thick mist.

Bethany pushed the heavy door open, it was already ajar, and it creaked low and long. A gush of dust and incense furled her nostrils. She held her breath and waved her hand in front of her nose to clear the air.

“Something I can help you with?” a deep, masculine voice, smooth as black velvet startled her. A tall man, broad shouldered and muscular, stood behind the front display case. His dark hair fell with roguish seduction across his brow, framing the angular lines of his face. He was alarmingly handsome, which made Bethany ogle like a schoolgirl.

“Sorry, no. I-I didn’t mean to disturb you.” Bethany stuttered and shook her head. She turned a shade of red, embarrassed to be staring at him.

The man eyed her with an air of arrogant authority, “Feel free to look around.” He paused briefly, then sternly warned. “Don’t step behind the counter.”

Bethany nodded quickly to the powerful looking man “Oh…umm…,” she tripped over her words nervously, “perhaps…another time.” She decided it was best she left now before she made a silly fool of herself. She turned on her heel and nearly stumbled as she headed for the door. She grabbed the door handle, and glanced back over her shoulder to the mysterious man.

The cold air greeted her with a chill. She stopped at the base of the steps and looked up to read the faded and cracked store sign, “Voodoo Shop”. A strange tingle ran down her spine. Somehow, she knew she would return…

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diary - 2nd entry

::Just one line in the middle of the page::

I don't like the colour blue anymore.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Medical Records

Toxian City General Hospital
Date of Admission: Friday 10:19pm
Attending Physician: (not disclosed)

Name: Bethany (aka Beth, Bethy)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21
Height: 172cm
Weight: 57kg
Eye Colour: Sea green
Hair Colour: Chestnut brown
Bloodtype: AB+

Family History:
Biological parents unknown – abandoned in Toxia at age 2
Taken to mainland and adopted
No known siblings

Medical History:
- long history of mental illness – currently not medicated
- insomnia
- claims to foresee death – visions in her mind (attribute back to mental illness?)

Chief Complaint:
- concussion
- R patella - fracture
- L lower arm - multiple fractures
- Severe lacerations to R & L upper and lower arms and wrists
- R zygomatic bone fracture
- Fractured ribs: R:4,5; L:4,5,6 – no lung puncture
- Trauma to vaginal wall

Discharge notes:
Advised patient to avoid Blueray and werewolves in general

Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle - Part 4 (finale)

::Parts 1,2,3,&4 direct from roleplay – with just a smidgen of spellcheck and fleshing::
::shimmery werewolf = Rau Ninetails; furious werewolf = anonymous::
::Thank you to all those involved! Fun fun!::

Bethany tucked the other 50 into her boot for completing the delivery of the message to Blueray. She made a mental note to immediately look for a legitimate deskjob to earn money to buy a weapon - maybe the Library or the Voodoo Shop had openings. She hoped never to see that shimmery werewolf again, nor the residents of the ominous Pit of hell. She was heading back to the Church to find her friend CJ when an angry voice snarled behind her.

“What the fuck! How much did you get paid?”
Bethany jumped, her heart jammed in her throat. “What?!” She spun around to see a furious werewolf a hair's breadth from her face. Another one! Bugger! What was with all the werewolves tonight? Was it a full moon?
The wolf snarled again, blood dripped from her maw. Her breath was thick with the smell of raw flesh, "How much did you fucking get paid to barge into our home?"
Bethany took a few steps backwards, she looked around desperately for anyone in the vicinity. They were alone. She scrambled to calm her nerves and summoned any bit of bravado she had in hopes of scaring away this werewolf. She stood firm and snapped, "Obviously not enough!"
The furious wolf smiled with an evil glint in her animal eyes. "So, you did get paid." She closed the distance between them and whipped out her pistol. She pressed it hard against Bethany's head. "You are coming with me. Or you’re going to die."
Bethany glared at the furious werewolf with one last foolish attempt to shake her off. She could taste her own fear in her mouth, "You're gonna shoot me?"
The werewolf's maw curled into a sickening smile. "No, I'mma bring you back to our house. And if you cooperate you might not be eaten. Capiche?”
The werewolf smirked. "Walk forward, me behind you." Bethany stumbled as she felt the mouth of the pistol rammed roughly at her back. Her brave facade melted away like ice cream in the summer sun. The furious wolf snarled, blood dripped onto Bethany's shoulder. "Come on! Now!"

Blueray pressed her face to the glass and watched the furious werewolf bring Bethany back to the Pit. A sadistic grin slowly curled her lips.
“Keep walking!” the furious werewolf growled, shoving Bethany to the middle of the floor, "See those poles?" she pushed her down onto the grates, she fell hard and scraped her knees, "Lay down!" Bethany winced from the cuts on her knees, she obeyed the werewolf's order without a word, stricken with fear. The werewolf smirked, “That was easier than I thought.”
The furious werewolf tied Bethany down on all four corners, pulling the ropes painfully tight around her ankles and bare wrists, making sure she couldn't get away. Bethany was paralyzed with fright. Her eyes darted from the furious wolf to Blueray, her voice trembled, “W-what are you going to do to me?"

Blueray put her right foot onto Bethany's thigh and dug in her claws, "You know what they say, don't shoot the messenger...but we like doing something better than shooting".
Bethany cried in pain as she felt her skin being clawed open. "Don't!"
Blueray barked and leaned down over Bethany's supine body, saliva dripped hungrily from her maw, “Fuck you! You came here and got us all screwed over!” She dug her foot claws deeper, hearing the flesh tear, "How much you get paid?"
Bethany thrashed and pulled uselessly at the ropes, cutting her tender wrists. "I was just giving you a message!" She could feel her blood run down her thigh, it dripped through the grates down into the lava below.

Blueray dragged her foot down Bethany's thigh, stopping just above the knee, "How much?” she hissed. The furious werewolf pistol whipped her across the cheek with impatience, "See, I ain’t in a good mood. And you’re gonna tell us! Or I'mma blow your brains out!" Bethany's head jerked to one side from the force of the pistol blow and she screamed. Blueray lifted up her foot and slammed it down with cruel force onto Bethany's knee. Her eyes popped with blinding pain and tears streamed down her face. Blueray threw her head back and cackled, almost insanely.

The furious wolf grinned and put the gun to Bethany's mouth and drawled, "Now, tell us who paid you off and for how much, and we might let you live." Blueray put her right foot on the floor, and lifted up her left one and pressed it on her arm. Bethany tried to breath around the pistol's barrel, it tasted of iron and soot and blood. Blueray growled, “Speak up or I break your arm!” She pushed her foot down harder, painfully harder.
Bethany whimpered, “I don't know who it was!"
Blueray slammed her foot down onto her arm, the sound of two cracks made Bethany's face contort with nausea. Blueray bent over her, twisting her foot on her arm, "No name? Not even a description?"
Bethany groaned in excruciating pain, muffled by the pistol barrel. "...SHE didn't tell me her name."

The furious wolf snarled again and forced the gun between Bethany's legs. "Want me to blow a hole in you so large you wont be able to make love?" The wolf jabbed the gun up further. Bethany twisted her hips, trying to get away from the invasion. "Okay! How much did you get paid! And what the FUCK did she look like!"
Blueray knelt down beside Bethany and grabbed her hair. She was overwhelmed with pain, her breathing came in short gasps, choked with tears, "She was like you...She looked like you." Blueray paused and looked at Bethany, “Are you sure?” The furious wolf thrust the gun up into her, hard. "What fucking COLOUR!"
Bethany shook her head weakly and muttered, "I couldn't see in the dark."
Blueray smacked Bethany's head against the floor and she saw stars, "You're lying!"
The wolf snarled now clicking the safety off her pistol. "One........two...."

The wolf angrily thrust the gun further, now almost inside of her. "How much did you get paid?" Blueray dug a claw into one breast and twisted it. Bethany's eyes shot open as new pain surged through her."...Hundred bucks!" she croaked.
The slender one from earlier laughed as she looked down to the trio, "I knew she'd come around for some fun eventually..."
Blueray twisted her claw in both directions and snickered, "Hundred bucks to come to the Pit, most would ask for more..."

Blueray pulled her claw back and licked it clean, purring. She looked down at Bethany's broken body to see where else she could stick it. “I think she wants to die.” She snickered, “This is only child's play compared to what can happen." She trailed a sharp claw down Bethany's stomach, resting her paw there, waiting to bury it passed the clothing and flesh.
Bethany's head fell from side to side. "Don't..."
The furious werewolf pulled her knife from her ankle strap and picked up Bethany's hand lazily. She gouged the blade into her finger, and threw her index finger nail across the grate.
Bethany screamed bloody murder as her fingernail was torn off.
The furious wolf snarled and dropped Bethany's bleeding hand to the floor. The fresh blood pooled with her sticky blood that already surrounded her. The wolf growled with boredom, seemingly satisfied there was nothing left to get out of Bethany. "Let her go, she ain't worth the trouble, She won't come back here."
Blueray pouted at the end of the interrogation and the loss of her toy. She roughly yanked the bloody ropes from Bethany's wrists and ankles. For last measure, she spit on her lifeless form.

The furious werewolf viciously grabbed Bethany up by the hair. "I'mma drop you off the stairs." She dragged her to the back. She snarled with wicked satisfaction and kicked Bethany in the ribcage, rolling her over the edge. "Good riddens you useless daughter of a whore."
Blueray watched Bethany's limp body fall to the ground and land with a thud, “I hope she can crawl to the hospital.”
Bethany groaned and pulled herself up slowly with the last threads of her strength. She caught a glimpse of shimmery fur through her swollen eyes. "YOU!" she spat out the blood that filled her mouth.
The shimmery werewolf shrugged, “What?”
Bethany glared, she could barely speak. "YOU! You nearly got me killed!"
The shimmery werewolf waved her paw with indifference, "That’s too bad that you didn’t, Humans are all expendable in my eyes."
Bethany’s jaw dropped and she winced from the pain. She had nothing left in her to fight, she dragged herself away, glancing back with disgust at the gathering of werewolves.

Lord Janvier stood to the side with controlled reserve, his hands folded behind him. He remained silent as he simply watched with his fiery demon eyes. They churned restlessly like the lava under the grates of the Pit.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle - Part 3

::Parts 1,2,3,&4 direct from roleplay – with just a smidgen of spellcheck and fleshing::
::Thank you to all those involved! Fun fun!::

Bethany finally climbed the last soot-covered step and she stared dubiously at the massive door in front of her. She held her breath anxiously only to exhale sharply when a sudden pain stabbed her behind the eyes. She pressed her palm to her temple, squeezed her eyes shut against the red storm that had begun to swirl in her mind. She cursed, "Another headache! Not now!" And just as quickly, the pain dissipated and the tempest cleared. She shook off the disturbing vision and dug into her soul for a small shred of courage. With trepidation, she pushed open the heavy door and stepped through, naively unaware of the real dangers within.

She peered into the darkness, seeing a small gathering in the shadows. She went further inside and saw a large room illuminated by fierce red flames dancing on tortured torches. There were thick trails of smoke that escaped from the grated floor. It made her eyes hurt.

A small pitiful creature was crumpled on the ground at the foot of a slender, almost elegant, listless figure. The pitiful one had kissed the slender one’s boot.

“Good girl.” A low rumbling voice echoed in the room, possessing every hollow corner with its timbre.

Bethany’s eyes watered from the smoke, but she locked them on the one who was clearly the leader. He was definitely a demon. Of that, Bethany was sure. She had seen him before in the streets of Toxia, the one they called Lord Janvier. He stood tall and menacing. His very form radiated with power and death. His demon horns curled arrogantly high above his head. His eyes were like promises of bliss into the endless caverns of evil.

Bethany shivered and blinked. She cleared her throat. "Ummmm, excuse me."
As Bethany waited for someone to acknowledge her, the slender one kicked the pitiful one in the face, splitting her lip wide, the blood splattered on the grates, sizzled as it dripped into the lava flames below, making the air smell acrid. Bethany gasped at the violence she just witnessed. Wanting to make this errand quick, she cleared her voice a little louder and spoke quickly, "Uh-hum! Excuse me."

Lord Janvier turned with a deliberate languidness, like molasses in winter, his dark demon eyes settled on Bethany, "Is she someone’s pet?"

All eyes were on her now, her pulse pounded like a bass drum in her ears.

A werewolf with unusual shadings of blue in her fur answered her leader as she observed Bethany, “Not that I know of.”

“What?” Lord Janvier prompted impatiently, glaring at Bethany. His voice was explosive in her ears.

Bethany took a deep breath and stuttered. "I-I'm looking for Blueray."

The slender one raised a brow at the blue werewolf.

Lord Janvier looked over his shoulder, "Blue...take your pet outside, this place smells like dog as it is." He pushed passed Bethany to go for a walk. She nearly lost her balance, he came so close to her. She caught a whiff of something strangely pleasant in his wake, nothing like dog. It was the scent of Havanas and Hennessy.

Blueray blinked, "First time I seen her."

The blue-furred werewolf came up to Bethany, she narrowed her wolf eyes at her and growled between sharp teeth. “Who the fuck are you? Why are you looking for me?” she leaned closer to Bethany, her fur brushed against her. “Speak up! I ain’t got all night!”
Bethany winced at the harsh tone of the blue werewolf, a knot formed in her throat, “I-I...have a message for you.” She pulled out the tattered note from her pocket with shaky fingers.
Blueray took the note, ".... Who from?”
“Some GUY told me to give it to you.” She pulled her hand back quickly. Bethany remembered to say what the shimmery wolf had told her to say - amazingly! Her pulse ripped through her veins and she felt like she was going to pass out from fear.
Blueray opened the note and mumbled. “Thank you.”
"Okay, you're welcome." she said quickly. She turned to rush off and nearly tripped in her haste.

The slender one eyed Bethany curiously as she hurried off and smirked, "So Blue... still hungry?"
Blueray muttered. “Not really.” She crushed the note in her paw.
The slender one scowled, "Aww..."

Bethany sucked in deep breaths of relief as the cold air grabbed her. She frantically looked around for the shimmery werewolf in the dark street.

Blueray’s growl bellowed from the Pit, it chased Bethany down the street, taunting her, “Run away!”

Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle - Part 2

::Parts 1,2,3,&4 direct from roleplay – with just a smidgen of spellcheck and fleshing::
::Thank you to all those involved! Fun fun!::
::shimmery wolf = Rau Ninetails::

Bethany and CJ were reviewing their combat lessons they had just finished when a quiet voice interrupted.

A werewolf with shimmery fur stood before them. “Excuse me.”

Bethany smiled to the werewolf and greeted politely, “Hello.”
CJ hesitated for just a moment and offered, “Yes, may I help you?”

The werewolf pawed her ear and looked beseechingly to the pair, “Might I ask a favour from one of you?” she lowered her voice, “…To deliver a message.”

Bethany looked warily at the werewolf. “A message?”
CJ questioned further. “To whom?”

The werewolf kept her eyes upon the two girls, and she said casually, “One of the Shadows…Her name is Blueray.” She added quickly to make the simple effort worthwhile, “Of course I’ll pay for it.” She glanced around as though checking to see if anyone was near, “So long as you don’t mention who you got this note from.”

Bethany turned to CJ, and worry creased her brow for a second as she processed the offer from the werewolf. CJ shot her a look that told her she wanted no part in this.

Bethany disregarded CJ’s warning look and faced the werewolf. “I’ve heard of Blueray.” Her voice was surprisingly confident and she asked up front. “How much?” She nudged CJ as she sensed her disapproval, and whispered eagerly to her, “She’s gonna pay us!”

CJ whispered back, standing firm on her values, “I will not lie for anyone.”

The werewolf’s paw smoothed down her shimmery fur, “Hmm…about 100.” Her sharp teeth flashed briefly, “Just to simply walk up and give her the message.”

CJ gave the werewolf a look of disgust, “No amount of money is worth my integrity.”

The werewolf continued, assuming one of them would agree to the deal, “All you have to say is ‘Some GUY told me to give you this.’”

Bethany thought on this and looked to CJ. "Come on CJ, we need the money! Well, I need the money!" Bethany could only think of trying to raise money for a weapon and this was easy money!

CJ sighed hopelessly to Bethany, “If you wish to do so…well it's up to you.”

Bethany shook her head at CJ. "It's just a message."

CJ nodded to her and explained, “I agree, but ‘just a message’ can carry many different words and it can cause harm with some words.”

The werewolf waited patiently for the two girls to discuss the offer, “Well, 50 now and 50 when it gets delivered.” Her teeth shone white in the darkness and she said reassuringly, “... I promise it won’t cause you any harm at all.”

CJ frowned, “I’m not worried about myself. I’m worried of the trouble these words can cause others.”

Bethany looked back at the werewolf and then to CJ. "This city is full of danger and harm can come to anyone at anytime, without asking." she turned to the werewolf and nodded firmly. "Deal."

The werewolf grinned in the shadow, she nodded to Bethany and handed her the note with the money. Bethany tucked the note in her jacket pocket. She folded the cash and slipped it into her boot.

CJ stepped back, she shook her head with disappointment, and let Bethany handle her own. She watched her newfound friend leave with the werewolf, hoping she had not endangered herself for a small 50 bucks.

The werewolf began to walk south, towards the darkest part of the city.

“Now if you follow me, I can point you in the right direction.” She paused for a moment looking to Bethany,”And yes, I’ll be watching for your safety...and the message’s safety.”

Bethany nodded to the werewolf, trusting her in her word.

The werewolf stopped, “That’s the building right there.” She pointed to the dark looming structure at the end of the street. “Right in front of us.”

Bethany looked at the dark building with wide eyes and gulped. "THAT building??"

The werewolf nodded as she slipped under the cover of darkness, “I’ll step in if anything bad happens. But the quicker you make it, the better off you’ll be.”

Bethany groaned and wanted to shoot herself for accepting this job. "I just got kicked out of there by someone who lives there!"

Bethany could hear the werewolf chuckle in the shadow, “Hehe…Well…” she turned and the werewolf had disappeared, her voice was distant, “I said I’ll be watching.”

Bethany bit her bottom lip hard, knowing she couldn’t go back on the deal. She trudged towards the ominous building. "You better watch out for me!" she called into the empty air.

There was a cackling response, “Yeah..sure thing.”

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle - Part 1

::Parts 1,2,3,&4 direct from roleplay – with just a smidgen of spellcheck and fleshing::
::Thank you to all those involved! Fun fun!::

The magnificent angel folded his wings and crossed his arms, he nodded with satisfaction, “Okay, you are both good with a little practice.”

Bethany and her new friend, CJ, grinned proudly to the angel, saying in unison. “Thank you Jortek! You are too kind!” They turned to each other and giggled knowing he was being overly generous with his compliment on their pathetic fighting skills.

Then Jortek directed his words to Bethany. “And you Bethany,” His voice was deadly serious. She hushed and stood at attention, facing the awesome angel. “You have to raise money for a weapon.”

Bethany frowned as thoughts of having to find ways of earning money raced through her head. She shook her head in defiance. “Nope. I’m not going to use one.”

Jortek looked at her strangely. “Why?” he asked bluntly. A smirk suddenly crossed his face, “Are you going to kill with love?” and he chuckled lightly, “I think you can.”

Bethany shrugged and she smiled adoringly to Jortek, her sea green eyes sparkled like diamonds.

CJ laughed, “It has been done…Kill ‘em with kindness.”

Jortek grinned and relaxed from his usual stoic disposition. “I almost have been killed that way.” He sighed and revealed, “I’m still recovering.”

CJ patted the angel comfortingly on his shoulder. “It happens to the best of us.”

Jortek smiled down to CJ, “That’s true. Always starts as an innocent game, and then…”
He raised his head and looked up to the heavens beyond the black skies, he inhaled a slow breath and excused himself, “Ladies, I have to go.”

Bethany watched the proud angel walk away and she felt a curious pang of sadness in her heart.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Diary – first entry

::messy writing on a scrap piece of stale-smelling yellowed paper snagged from the Library::
::childish doodling and the word “TOXIA” written several times along the page margin::

Dear Diary,

I’m sitting on the rooftop of the Library – looking down at the Haven.
Too many people inside, it’s like sardines packed in a can, oily and smelly.

I’ve been here for almost two weeks I think. I don’t keep track anymore. I barely sleep, so the nights and days just blur together.

I think I should be missing my parents. But I don’t. They aren’t even my real parents! I’m still mad!!!

I'm not going back. I need some answers. I need to find out about ME!

::the word ME is angrily underlined, scored, and circled::

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Book One

To err is human...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prologue - Part 2

Bethany’s life spiraled before her on the night they had planned to go to Toxia. She was in the attic searching for supplies when she came across a black chest. Someone had taken the effort to hide it in a worn out cardboard box that was buried under a stack of old newspapers.
As she sifted through the contents, her pulse quickened and she felt all the terrors of her nightmares flood into her, drowning her. There were newspaper clippings of the port city of Toxia. An article with the headline “Little Girl Found Alive in Toxian Waste!” shouted at her. She read it with frantic urgency. She fell back and she couldn’t breath as realization hit her. Pieces of her puzzled past were falling into place. The reason she had no baby pictures. The reason she did not look at all like her parents. And perhaps the reason as to why she had these visions of death and gore.

She ran downstairs and confronted her parents, the two people she had trusted the most, waving the evidence in their faces. Voices were raised and things were said that could never be taken back. Her parents watched helplessly as she stormed out of the house.

With her emotions wracked, she could only think to get away and to find her friends. She arrived at the pier to find it deserted. Her heart sank.
Her mobile buzzed in her jacket and she checked it. A message glowed in the black night.
“cant w8 cul8r”
Shoulders slumped, she wondered if anything else could go wrong tonight. She dialed her friend but only got his voicemail, she left a message.
“Wait for me. I’m coming.”

“Hey there sweetheart. What’s a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?”
Bethany snapped around to see a scraggly squat man with a toothless grin standing close to her. Behind him she saw a barge loaded with crates, some of them stamped “Toxia”.
“Are you sailing to Toxia?” she asked nonchalantly, not wanting to raise suspicion.
The scruff rubbed his stubbly chin and looked at her with hungry eyes.
“What business is it of yours sweetheart?”
“I need to get to Toxia.” She stated simply without flinching.
The man broke out laughing. His rank breath nearly made her gag. “Toxia isn’t a place for sweethearts like you.” His eyes roamed the curves of her body.
Without looking away, she said in the most serious tone she could muster. “How much?” She fingered her money in her pocket.
He started to reach for her, his dirty hand about to touch her when a booming voice from the barge shouted out. He quickly turned and ran back to the ramp, leaving Bethany to stare after him. She shook herself out of her stupor and followed him onto the barge. She hid behind the crates and prayed they wouldn’t find her.

The air was putrid as the barge cut through the thick green mist, it slowed and rocked to a stop. Bethany waited anxiously as the crew started to unload the freight, biding her time to jump onto the dock.

The fog swallowed her whole as she landed on the rotting wooden dock. She made her way into the dank receiving warehouse. Bethany’s head began to ache and she was feeling the tentacles of anxiety start to creep into her. Her hand shot to her jacket pocket and she realized she had forgotten to bring her medication. Panic filled her as her eyes darted through the darkness. She willed herself to stay focused so she could find her friends and also in hopes of finding some answers to herself. She stepped out onto the streets of Toxia...alone.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Prologue - Part 1

Bethany slipped the small handful of tablets into her mouth and sipped some water to flush it down. She closed her eyes for a moment. Soon her mind would be still and she’d be able to function. She gathered her schoolbooks and headed off to class.

As she was walking along the sidewalk, she felt a light tap on her shoulder.
“Hey!” a familiar chipper voice greeted her. It was her best friend Jay. She had known him since freshman year and they had become inseparable chums.
She smiled back to him. “Hey.”
He fell in step with her, grabbed her books and carried them. He started to ramble as he often did. “We’re thinking of going to Toxia after finals. Wanna come? Gonna check out the spooky city everyone keeps hushing about. I personally don’t believe any of the stories. Come on! Vampires? Werewolves? Gimme a break. And they say, “Don’t go there alone!” like it’s gonna stop anyone. But, I think it’ll be fun. Nothing else to do.”

Suddenly Bethany felt a sharp pain course through her head. She slowed her step and winced.
“Hey, what’s the matter?” Jay put his arm around her shoulders. “Your headaches coming on again?”
Bethany nodded weakly, squeezing her eyes shut. A barrage of horrific images began to flash through her mind. Fangs dripping with blood. Entrails of victims strewn in the streets. Mutated beings. Demonic eyes. The sky raining crimson tears.

She sucked in her breath, rubbed her temples and laughed softly, trying to make light of what just happened.
“I think my doctor needs to up my dose. The meds aren’t working as well as before.” She had never told Jay that she saw these visions. She knew better than to share that with anyone anymore. She pulled her hair back and turned to Jay. “Count me in, eh?”
He gave her shoulder a squeeze. “Ok, Friday, 10 on the button, at the pier.”


In her earliest memories, Bethany knew there was something different about herself.

Vivid nightmares of a black skyline raining blood and gore would wake her in a grip of terror and her screams would shred the lull of slumber. The faces of hell’s darkest creatures would haunt her subconscious till she no longer slept. But then, they came in her waking hours...

She had seen a multitude of doctors and specialists, spent time in psychiatric institutions, and was put on a cocktail of medications to still her mind. As a last resort, an exorcism was done. Even with that, the visions still came.

In states of shock and anxiety, she would become catatonic and stare with glassy eyes into the souls of those before her. Blood red auras would blind her for the fates that would bleed rivers. The pure would glow white with tarnished edges. And there were those whose auras were already snuffed into the blackness of the damned.

Gifted or Cursed - she found herself in Toxia.

Friday, May 2, 2008 your head

I have found my pen...allow me to write you a story.