Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Quick Bite

::the stranger = Duckie Dickins (yummy!)::

Bethany had taken the long route back to the Voodoo Shop trying to kill time. She went passed the Ryder's garage, crossed to the radio station and came down the street from the Pit. All was quiet. All was calm. Not a soul in sight. How odd. But this was Toxia - everything was odd.

She took the steps of the Voodoo Shop and stuck her head inside to check to see if her sisters had returned. No one answered except for the low growl of her hunger. Where in the world was everybody? She hung her head and sighed softly with disappointment at being left all alone. She decided to wait for them outside on the rocking toys beside the shop.

"Hello precious...all alone?"

Bethany slowly blinked out of her daydream and lifted her sea green eyes to the stranger standing in front of her. His shadow shrouded her like a dark blanket, blocking the feeble light that fought to escape from the lone lamp post. She could vaguely see his face, only the outline of a strong nose, a firm jaw, and the curve of his lip. She paused for a moment, registering this unexpected presence. She finally found her voice and greeted him politely, without answering his question. "Hello sir."

The stranger inched closer to her, "Tell me...what is a pretty thing, such as yourself, sitting all alone?" he asked again, his voice was captivating.

Bethany's brow wrinkled slightly at the stranger's unnerving familiar ease. She glanced around, beginning to feel a little anxious, and shook her head. "No, I'm not alone. My sisters are just inside." her voice trembled slightly in her lie. She slipped off the panda bear rocking toy carefully, keeping her eyes on the man.

"Inside you say?" He faced her squarely, even though she couldn't see his eyes, he held her gaze all the same, "I just came from inside. It looked quite empty to me." he drawled, each syllable strummed her quickening heartbeat.

She stepped backwards and stumbled a little. "Oh...well...umm, they'll be back soon." She glimpsed over her shoulder to the Voodoo Shop, expecting against hope that her sisters would stroll up the street any second.

The stranger's smile broadened when she tried to recover from her little lie. "How would you like to go get a bite to eat while we wait for your sisters?" he suggested with the air of a friendly acquaintance.

She pulled at a lock of her hair nervously, "Oh, it's okay. I'm not hungry right now. I'll be eating in a little bit with my sisters." Her tummy betrayed her with a resounding gurgle and her hand shot to her abdomen to try to stop it from rumbling.

The stranger took a step closer and he pressed, "Are you sure? I could really use the company while I eat..." his tone was utterly persuasive, curling around Bethany's mind, tugging at her, urging her. He moved nearer. "I do believe there will be more than enough for both of us..."

Bethany thought about his offer as she looked down the street again and decided impulsively with the help of his subliminal persuasion,"...well...just a quick bite. And then I have to come back."

His smile was of expected satisfaction, "Yes..." He closed the small space between them, "A quick bite is all I intended."

The stranger noticed the glint of her cross necklace that circled her slender neck, dropping low to the swell of her breast. "That is a pretty necklace...similar to my own..." He reached out slowly to brush her locks of hair back to have a better look.
Bethany stood very still at his gentle touch. His nearness was intoxicating, her senses were drifting as his scent of a mixture of foreign spices draped her. Her small fingers covered her cross protectively. "We should go eat." she whispered through her trance.

The stranger nodded. "Yes, you are right. Now for that bite to eat." He leaned forward as if to whisper something into her ear. "I have a secret to share..." He smiled wickedly, his warm breath brushed against the nape of her neck. Suddenly she felt a pinprick on her tender skin and heard his soft sigh as he sank his sharp fangs into her vein.
Bethany gasped and her hands pushed weakly against the man's broad chest, her knees buckled as he drank deeply, sucking in her beating life force. Dizzy and disorientated by the vampire's feeding, she whimpered faintly. "No..."

The vampire wrapped her tightly in his strong arms, holding her against him to prevent her from collapsing. His fangs left her slender neck for just a moment as he whispered soothingly, " will be ok..." He found her delicious pulse once again and he continued to feed.
Bethany's soft body pressed against the vampire's hard form, she closed her eyes, losing herself to the sensations overwhelming her. She gripped the lapels of his jacket as she felt her senses reel.

Satiated, the vampire ran his tongue with a sensuous glide over his tiny puncture wounds that marked her neck to seal them shut. His bite turned to kisses as he breathed heavily into her ear. "You tasted wonderful, precious...there is nothing more to fear..."

She felt a strange, but pleasant tingling along her skin from his kisses. She melted into his embrace, weak from his feeding. She was breathless and she couldn't find her voice. She could only nod slowly against his shoulder in reply.

The vampire's kisses trailed along her jawline, until his lips softly pressed against her own. She tasted a curious salty flavour in his kisses. He pressed his forehead to hers and delved into the pools of her eyes. He spoke softly, his words hypnotizing, "I hold no power over you. You have given freely and free you shall be."

He pulled back from her and she let him go reluctantly, feeling a loss she couldn't understand. He discreetly tucked a small bundle of Diner coupons into her jacket pocket. He caressed her cheek possessively, taking in the swirl of colour of her green eyes a moment longer, he smiled, "Until we meet again, precious..." Two red orbs appeared where his eyes would be and glowed intently from the shadow that still cloaked his face.

Bethany's skin flushed warmly from his touch, her hand reached to her neck, her fingers stroked the tiny scars left by the vampire's bite. Her eyes fell to his smile...his lips...and what was behind them. Her lips parted slightly and she breathed. "...yes".

The stranger turned and disappeared into the night.

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