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:: woot! Awesome job folks! Totally on the fly RP between The Coven and The Righteous. fun fun! ::

It was just the faintest whisper in the breeze, a gentle caress on her ear, calling to the empty spaces in her mind, filling them with sweet longing. Bethany stared into the murky waves rolling with the silver moonlight, kissing the gritty sand over and over. She touched her tongue to her tender lips, tasting the salty sea spray upon them. A memory flickered and faded. Sighing softly in her reverie, she turned to find her sister in the distance, making her way back to the Shop. She hurried her step lest she be left behind.

A glance, a second glance. Could it be him that stood to the side of the Voodoo Shop? His body too close to the young girl by the fortune teller machine. No, not him... They stood as lover's stood, his face against her neck. His eyes rose gradually and held steadfast to Bethany's gaze. Her breath caught in her throat, his hypnotic red orbs claimed her.

"Precious..." He whispered one word and lured Bethany to him with his vampire's compulsion, releasing the young girl to flee. Bethany moved towards him in a trance. His lips curled seductively as he opened his arms to invite her in. His eyes glowed, pleased with her obedience. He embraced her soft body against his and lowered his head, finding her willing vein.

"DUCKIEEEE!" a desperate shrill ricocheted off the brick walls and pavement from afar. "DUCKIE GET OUT HERE!" The vampire didn't move, except to grip Bethany tighter, closer, drinking deeper of her lifeblood.

Gloriana stopped dead in her tracks at the top of the shop steps at hearing the urgent cry echoing in the air. Her head whipped around, searching frantically for her sister and saw her in the arms of the vampire. "BETHANY!" She ran to her and grabbed her arm, pulling her with all her strength from the vampire's hold. "NO!"

Ares had come up from the street and saw her sisters in a scuffle in front of the shop and broke into a run. "Leave her alone!" she screamed at the vampire as she pulled at Bethany's other arm, trying to free her from him. Ares' grip slipped and she stumbled backwards. Her fury mounted and she attempted to summon her Storm, but found her reserves empty. Her eyes started to tear in frustration. She reached for Bethany again.

Duckie wrapped Bethany possessively in his arms and looked at the two women over her shoulder with malice in his fiery eyes. "I will have what is mine!"

Gloriana eyes were blazing and she flexed her fingers slightly, a rush of energy flowed into her. She grabbed a slender tendril of the earth's energy and created a small ball and with concentrated will, she lashed it towards the vampire. It didn't faze him, not even a little. His vampire strength and powers were too great.

"DUCKKKIEEEEE!!!" Out of nowhere, Keanna, the sprite Righteous angel cried as she jumped at the vampire, trying to wrench him free from Bethany. "DUCKIE!! I'M RIGHT HERE!" she made every effort to distract him from his prey, "SERAPH!"

Duckie pushed at Keanna with his free arm to shove her away while never letting go of his embrace around Bethany's limp body. She was like a rag doll in his hold. The sprite angel regained her footing and fought to separate them again. The vampire, consumed in his hunger, nuzzled Bethany's neck and bit her again, her warm blood ran down his chin.

Ares yelled at Keanna and Duckie, "Damn you Righteous bastards!"

Delrith, the fierce demon of the Righteous family, growled between pants as he caught up to Keanna. With instinctive wrath, he leaped at Duckie, grabbing his head like he did the day before, trying to force his fangs out of Bethany. Duckie's head was yanked back and he released his bloody fangs from her neck, still struggling to keep a hold of her.

Over what seemed like only seconds, the frenzy of bodies swirled around the vampire and his prey, desperate to break them apart. Gloriana tried to force herself between Bethany and the vampire. Ares shoved and pushed to no avail. Keanna's face was flushed with tears as she pulled again at Duckie's arm, pounding at his side and lower back as hard as she could. She remembered the thing that put him down the last time and threw a wing between Duckie's face and Bethany, trying to make a barrier as she continued to swing with her fists, landing a solid blow on his lower back, catching him in the kidney. Gloriana slammed a knee into the vampire's crotch. Duckie smarted from the dual attack, loosening his grip on his prey, and glared up at the ones who struck him, licking Bethany's blood from his lips. But before he could retaliate, Delrith constricted his arms around his front and with his brute strength, dragged him away from Bethany. Duckie struggled against Delrith, freeing an arm, he reached out for Bethany as he was pulled back, delirious in his demented thirst.

"KEA! Reach in my coat and pull out one of the blood vials!" Delrith shouted to Keanna as he wrestled with all his might to keep Duckie away. "Kea! Grab the vial!" he urged her to move fast, the vampire's strength nearly overcoming his own.

Keanna turned her head to yell at Gloriana and Ares as she rushed to aid Delrith, her angel wings splayed to block the women from Duckie's sight, "GET HER OUT OF HERE!!"

Ares grabbed Bethany's hand, dragging her farther away from Duckie. Bethany tripped backwards, she was still in a trance, barely aware of her surroundings. Gloriana scanned the scene quickly to be sure things were clear and steered her sisters towards the Voodoo Shop. She snapped, "Shop! NOW!"

The Coven sisters pushed passed the shop door, tumbling inside. Gloriana slammed the heavy door closed, cursing aloud as she hurriedly activated the protective wards on the building to prevent all from entering.

Bethany collapsed onto the floor in the front shop, weak from the vampire's feeding. Ares knelt down next to her sister's slack body, lifting her head carefully onto her lap, stroking her hair, frowning at the blood stains on her neck. Worry creased her brow as she whispered between sobs, "Beth! Come on Beth! Please be okay! Please!"

Gloriana, satisfied with the shop being locked down securely, turned her attention to her injured sister, coming to her side. Ares wiped at the tear stains on her cheek and pleaded, "Glori! Help! I don't have the powers to heal her!"

Gloriana inclined her head, and said with urgency, "Let me try." She cast her hands out and over Bethany's still form, centred on her neck. She cradled the wound carefully, and concentrated. She drew the energy flow into Bethany, a soft glow emanated from the wound, healing it completely with just a hint of the tiny scars from the vampire's fangs. Gloriana shook a little from the exertion of that healing. It felt stronger than anything she had ever done before.

Bethany cracked open her eyes, taking in a slow breath as she looked up at her sisters and tried awkwardly to get up. Gloriana and Ares simultaneously pressed her back down, "Whoa! No, you must rest!"

Bethany shrugged off her sisters' hands and sat up, her head spinning as she tried to focus on the trio still outside in front of the shop.

Delrith struggled fiercely trying to keep Duckie in his grasp. "KEA! GRAB IT PLEASE!" He jerked open one side of his coat revealing several vials of dark red blood.

Duckie resisted the fierce demon's restraints, his legs and arms kicking and punching. He glared at Keanna accusingly, his blood red eyes piercing. "You did this!"

Keanna jumped forward, trying to reach Delrith's coat around Duckie's thrashing body for the vials of special blood. "No, I didn't!" Her movements showed her chest to be covered with her own blood from earlier. Duckie's smelled the heady scent of the angel's blood and zeroed in on it, leaning forward to nip at her. She threw her hand up against him to hold him off of her.

Delrith snatched Duckie's head and pulled it back to force his mouth to point upward, readying him for the ingestion of the contents of the vials. The vampire was being extremely difficult in his possessed state. Delrith snarled out darkly and extended his fangs before slamming his jaw into Duckie's shoulder in an attempt to weaken him. Duckie struggled even more, yelling, his words clipped. "Nooo!!! Blood!!...I still thirst!...I am not satisifed!! Release me!"

Keanna couldn't reach the vials through the struggling, frantic for solution she finally barked out at the demon, "Let him go Del!...DO IT DEL!!"

Delrith snarled deeply like a rabid dog, he hesitated for just a second hoping Keanna knew what she was asking him to do. He released his jaws from the vampire's shoulder. "Whatever you're going to do Kea, do it NOW!" He scrambled to grab the blood vials from his coat before Duckie could get away again.

Duckie stumbled from the crushing clamp of the demon's mouth, knocking the sprite angel down onto the pavement. The vampire fell on top of her and Keanna's eyes flashed with sheer terror at that second. She knew she had to distract Duckie until Delrith could get to the blood vials. She screamed at the vampire, "DUCKIE! BITE ME!" Duckie flared and sank his fangs into the angel before him. She cringed and let out a scream, her light flickered, bouncing from vibrant to dim to vibrant to dim. She closed her eyes and began to glow, trying to block everything out, thinking only on the religion that birthed her.

"KEA!" Delrith shouted in alarm as he saw Duckie feed from her. He lunged at the vampire, grabbing his head, trying to force his fangs from the angel's throat. Duckie took one last swallow of the angel's blood and suddenly, as though intoxicated, his body slumped over the angel and he fell unconscious.

Delrith pushed the vampire's heavy body off of Keanna, pinning him down with his own in case he awoke. He bit off the cork of the blood vial and growled, "Let us be done with this!" He tilted Duckie's head up and ran half of the contents into Duckie's throat. The vampire thrashed in his unconscious state as the blood seeped down his throat. Delrith popped another vial and poured it into his mouth. Duckie coughed and sputtered. Delrith grabbed the last blood vial and forced it into the vampire's mouth, making him swallow it. Duckie groaned and clutched his head as he sat up.

Delrith shoved the blood vials back into his coat and cautiously kept a close eye on Duckie as he returned to his normal state. Then his sharp demon eyes fell to the sprite angel laying broken on the ground, her breathing was light and blood flowed from her neck staining her shirt burgundy. He knelt over her, "Oh no! KEA!" He shuddered for a moment, biting his bottom lip in guilt and anguish, as he gingerly held her bloody body,"...what were you thinking you little idiot..."

Duckie raked a hand through his hair and looked up in horror at the demon cradling the blood-covered angel. He moaned as he crawled over, "Oh again..." He reached out to touch the angel, "No! Keanna!...are you okay?"

Delrith rocked Keanna in his arms. "She's fading Duckie."
Duckie stared at the angel with remorse, " cannot be." He shook her shoulders gently but with urgency, "Wake have to be okay!...wake up!"
Delrith glared at Duckie, "She let you bite her to give me enough time to give you the blood!" He lifted her slight angel body effortlessly and snapped. "We have to go to the hospital. Now!"
Duckie gathered his trench coat and used it to apply pressure to the neck wound to try to control the bleeding. He shot Delrith a pained look. "No, the Vet Clinic. It's closer!"

Bethany watched the demon, angel, and vampire rush in the direction of the veterinarian clinic. Her hand came up to her neck and touched the healed wound, her palm cupped and covered it. She tilted her head to look up at her sisters, the expression on her face was of sorrow and sympathy. She whispered hoarsely, "He looked sorry for what had happened. He didn't mean to do it. To bite the bite me."

Gloriana rested a motherly hand over Bethany's head and watched the figures disappear into the fog, and for that second hoped it was true.

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